walking away and eden rock comparative essay

Eden rock and walking away are both poems that presents the separation of parent and child. the poems and the reasons for separation differ in the points of view, the perspective of the author, context and the mood of the poem.

it appears that in both Eden Rock and Walking Away the children in both of the poems have no siblings this gives them either extreme significance to their parents or have no siblings to share, good or bad, experiences with. Due to this both present a sence of reminiscense which enphisises the of the child and thye parents. in eden roch the separation of the boy/man and hes parents was enphsised by the fact that he is an only child we know that he is an only child becaude inn the poem he sais “they are waiting for me” this lets ud known that they are waiting for him and only him. it can be infered that with hes parents gone he feels alone and lost not knowing what to do with hes life. similarly in Walking Away, even though it looks at things from the perspective of the parent rather than the childs, the father is “hesitant” to “set free” hes only son. hes only child.

the contextz the poemas were written in are different as the author of the poem Eden Rock wrote hes poem was a eulegy fo r the death of one of hes parents.

24/05/16 How dose the poet present the relationship between a father and hes son “walking away”

In the poem “WALKING AWAY” the relationshihip between the father and the son in the poem is presented as unbreakable until the first thime they are apart, their relationship is likened the the orbital relationship betwen a satalite and the earth. The satalite is described to br wrenched away from the earth, like the first time the mans son leaves him, and then slowly drifts away becominv more and more distant.

The reason the fater is reviewing this eighteen years later is because ma ll the way from primary school were hes son left hes side for the first time the have been drifting apart and now that he son is going to university it is like the final stage in their separation befor they become too distant to even communicate.

The tone of the poem is set from the start when

The farmers bride

Stanza 1
He chose a maid three years ago
She was younger than usual
They got married and she became afraid of love him and all things human
She never smiled again
She ran away

Stanza 2
They thought she was with the sheep
They thought she would be asleep
She was laying awake in a field

Stanza 3
They chased her a she ran fast like a hare in the light of their lanterns
In next to no time the caught her and took hep back home and locked her in so she couldnt escape again

Stanza 4
She still dose all the work around the house but quieter than any other maid
She only talks to animals

how is love presented in neutral tones

in the poem neutral tones, like many others , love is presented ad uncontrollable and unexplainable, love is presented as a curse that follows you throughout your life reminding you of how much it hurts.love alwase fades away.

the poem is about a man who, as far as we know, was in one meaningful relationship. the pain he felt when they parted made him feel like love itself was not worth the hurt and pain he felt, throughout the poem he reminisces about how it was on the day that they broke up. towards the end of the poem he describes the same pond he did in the in the beginning only with less enthusiasm.

the first thing that gives us a clue of the bad things to come was the fact that we felt he was reminiscing about a time that was better than it now, we new this due the fact that he was writing is past tense. he said “we stood by a pond” the fact that they were standing not sitting makes you feel like there was a sort of stale air between them. they were at a pond which is a direct connotation to love and romance but this feeling doesn’t last as shortly after this is mentioned we are told that is a winter day, although now we think of winter as a positive time, it is the time where people starve and animals die.

in the first stanza hardy focused on the setting; that it was a “winter day”, “the sun was white ” that “leaves lay on the ground” and that there was “an ash”.
the mention of a winters day immediately drawers the readers attention away from the fact that a couple are at the pond together; it makes us think of the coldness, that the pond is most likely frozen over, the the light of the sun is white and cold, and that all of the natural beauty associated with the pond is dead. the pond could be directly linked to there relationship which seems to be growing cold and nearing a winter it wall never survive.

in this poem the main focus is the image you can tell this as in the second stanza he said that some words played between” them, he was vague about what the conversation or argument they had entailed only that words were shared between them, we can infer that the the argument had was not a positive one due to the gloomy setting presented at the start of the poem.

the “leaves lay on the starving sod” “”they had fallen from the ash and were grey” the ash represents the relationship between to people and there grey leaves represent the love with the relationship, which is apparently old and withering falling from a diying relationship. the “white” “sun” “chidden of God” religion in brought in to the relationship to make it even more clear how uncontrollable love is. this is one of the ways love is communicated to the reader as out control.

a synecdoche is used to compare the dead smile on the woman false smile to an “ominous bird a-wing…” this comparison suggests that the smile was quick, breif and out of place as said in theb poem when hardy sais that her smile “was the deadist thing alive” but stil had “alive enough to die”.

at tye end of the poem in the last stanza hardy describes the same pod he did in the start of the pom ony wjen he described ith the second time he did so with much less enthusiasm as to say all of hes remaining live was drained out of hin whils he reminised.he said that things have shaped him, he lists “the God curst sun, and a tree, And a pond edged with grayish leaves” a sort of demise towards the setting he remembers for them braking up.

to conclude in thye poem thomas hardy used many different language features in maney different place to put across to the reader that love is a curse thet forsakes a man teaches him lessons and follows him throughout he’s life like a dark cloud on a sunny day

Poem byron

In the second stanza of the poem the idea that he knew in the mornibg of the day that he was dump thet something bad was going to happen and that he could tell by the temparature and the dew. He sis thet he should have taken it as a warning of what was to come later that day.
Byron. Caries on to present the woman (the object of the poem) as premiscous as he talks about fame hearing her name spoken and sharing in the fame.
He goes on to talk about the secrecy in which they had their affair, so much so that the people who kner her best did not know that she was having an affair.

(1043) into the wild comparison 21, Unfinished, without yhe majority of the required quotes.

Into the wild is a novel about a young man who makes the decision to donate all he’s money to charity and take up a life on the road. Along his journey he encounters many obstacles, some that he can not overcome. In this essay we will be comparing and contrasting between the novel (written by Jon Krakaure) and the film (directed by Sean Penn) the main differences we will be comparing are between how the family of Christopher McCandless are portrayed and come across in the novel and in the film.

one of the main differences between the novel and the film is the way Chris is presented to act towards he’s parents, in then novel, a day after Chris’s graduation in tells us in the novel that Chris buys he’s mother gifts for mother’s day, although earlier in the novel a point was made by Carine McCandless that Chris announced that he would not give presents to anyone or receive and presents from anyone. in a letter from Chris he stated that he believed that if he accepted gifts from he’s parents they would think that they had brought he’s respect, he said this in response to the fact that he’s parents attempted to buy him a car. The fact that he gave he’s mum, Billie McCandless, presents for mother’s day made him seem like he was softening up and becoming less individualistic, he is intermittent in sticking to he’s ideals of not being materialistic and not accepting or giving gifts.

in the movie however the is no reference made to the fact that Chris was kind to he’s mother and brought her mother’s day gifts or the letter Chris sent he’s sister, Carine, about the incidence if he’s parents trying to buy him a new car as he’s graduation gift and offering to pay for he’s university fees if I he didn’t have enough left in he’s collage/university funds. In the movie the only scene with anything to do with he’s parents buying he’s respect in in the restaurant scene after the graduation and even then not much is mentioned about Chris’s morals. In the movie Chris is presented to act only negatively towards he’s parents. This is a clear difference between the novel and the film.

Secondly Chris’s mother, Billie, is presented in the film as a self-conscious materialistic woman who is all about the image. In the celebratory graduation diner she is the one out of the two parents to tell Chris that they want to buy him a new car and refers to he’s car as a Junker making comments about it blowing up. The point is emphasized by the camera shots during the dinner scene; at one point the camera focused on Chris’s car in the parking lot surrounded by cars that are above the standard of Chris’s car and make he’s care look worse than it is and make Chris’s family, mainly he’s parents uncomfortable. another point of emphasis is a group of rowdy college student rush into the restaurant and make their way to the bar noisily close up shot on the faces of the families showing that Chris’s parents disapprove of the disturbance of the atmosphere. Chris on the other hand hade a big smile on he’s face, these two camera shot depict Chris as outcast from the rest of the society wanting to be more like the car or the students than the rest of the parking lot or the other people in the restauraunt. one other point in the film is that chris throughout the time he is out tramping has few notisabal problems with he’s clothing but when you notise is when he goes into the city fill of well dresed people once again comparing him with everyone elce. in the film billie is also presentesd as in a way non caring unless it includes money as she offered to buy him a new car and to pay for hes univrcity although when walt, chris’s father, starts getting agitated about the fact that chris didnt want a new car she stated that it was “no big deal if he wanted to keep he’s old car”. anoter aspect when billie is judgemental and cant help but say something is at the dinner when she mentions how chris walked on to the stage and made a scene out of himself. this again proves that she cares a lot about chris but also cares a lot about the way he presents himself.

in the novel billie McCandless knited chris a sleeping bag although it is not clear when she actually knitted the sleeping bag it shows that she cares beyond just material possessions as she didnt buy him one but instead crafted him one with her own hands. The fact that Billie knitted chris a sleeping bag showes that she reald did care, not just about he’s appearance but about he’s well being and comfort also. This dos not come across in the film until they find out that chris is missing.

Another thing that the film fails to show us is that chriis kept the sleeping bag he’s mother knitted for him, and that he took it to alaska and died inside it. Although we know that chris dosent like to be wasteful the fat that he didnt buy a sleeping bag and used the one that he’s mother knitted for him shows that he care more than he is portrayed to in both the film and the novel.

I the novel chris seems to care about carine a lot he is made to seem very affectionate towards hes sister doing many things for her and partaking in many activities with her. The story howerver mentions no instance in which chris tried to get into contact with Carine after he left and went off tramping. In the film however we see much less of chris’s love and affection towards carine, although at one point in the film chris stops at a pay phone to what seems like call he’s parent but hesitates and gives hes money away.this was not mentioned in the book so is is unclear weather it is infact true or fabricted to further depict chris in an negative light.

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